As the world of smart phones and mobile users continues to grow, more influencers are using applications to share data, create content and access personal information. We at Sharpleft believe an app should be developed with the end-user in mind, specifically the functionality, as well as the entertainment value it can provide. If you have an interest in accessing this up and coming demographic of potential customers you must enlist the help of a qualified iOS development agency and that is where our Technology Team comes in. Our engineering process was developed based on agile methodology, and through experience is constantly being made more comprehensive and robust for consistency and predictability.


Wireframes provide a detailed description of each screen element and features before it is built. Once the layouts, navigation and flow are agreed upon in the wireframes section, we move onto the development stage.


In this phase we develop the Mobile Application with a clear understanding of the App's features, target consumers and targeted handsets based on the information confirmed in the wireframes.

QA & Porting

The app is thoroughly tested in all areas of functionality and performance as well as in low coverage areas. Porting in the case of Mobile Applications is about testing the user experience from one platform to another.


Deployment will vary for different kinds of applications and may have to go through a certification process. While Apple's App Store requires a 10 day approval time, Android Play platform allows for same day submissions.

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