Social Management

Marketers in regulated industries face different marketing challenges when developing social media strategies due to compliance and governance restrictions. That’s why we specialize in Social Management and marketing for regulated industries such as spirits, pharmaceuticals, toys and financial services.

Creative & Interactive

Our team of writers, designers, and multimedia artists use insights to craft frequent and captivating content such as Memes, Videos, Responsibility Messaging, Animation, Infographics, Photos, Ask Me Anything(AMA), Live Chats, Pin Boards, Polls, Quizzes, Live-Streams and Interviews.

Cultivation & Social Listening

Around-the-clock community management responds quickly and responsibly to questions, comments, complaints, and brand shout-outs. We recognize opportunities to engage with key influencers, relevant conversations, and trending topics.

Promote & Incentivize

We develop and execute social campaigns, sweepstakes, instant wins and games-of-chance that deliver on your unique objectives with stellar ROI. We handle all aspects of the promotion from age restrictions to legal, fullfillment, background checks, winner affidavits and contest support.

Data-Driven Media & Evolving Results

We use social and consumer insights to develop a Digital Media strategy that will reach hyper-relevant audiences at the lowest cost per desired action. We manage Media placement, geo-targeting and use its data to optimize your ads in real-time.

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