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The brand team at Licor 43 was looking for new and innovative ways to motivate their consumers. On a parallel path, they were also looking for a way to engage their sales force in a meaningful way. The mobile platform allowed us the flexibility to exceed expectations on both requests. On the sales force side, Sharpleft and the brand team created a mobile app to support them in the field. While we would love to share the features of the app and its overwhelming success, we must respect our clients privacy as we do with all of our clients. On the consumer’s side, we teamed up with Licor 43’s events agency to create a tablet-based photo app to use during their Managed Bar Night (MBN) events across the country.


Licor 43 needed to create an on premise promotion in 40 cities in the USA to drive awareness and consumption of their iconic shot, The Licor 43 Mini Beer™. They wanted something that consumers would relate to in a emotional way, that they would associate a good memory with the Brand and the Mini Beer™.


Sharpleft developed an App for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet that allowed the Brand Ambassador teams to show up an on-premise Mini Beer™ event, capture the name and email for each customer that wanted to take a “selfie” or group shot of friends toasting with the Mini Beer™, and the Brand Ambassador would immediately send them their Branded picture in an email via our signature Photo App. The app then immediately passed their opted in email address to our customer email database, and one week later we sent that customer a second email thanking them for trying the Mini Beer™, and included a link to the store finder where they could find Licor 43 near them by way of zip code or geo code.

Sharpleft deployed the app fully loaded onto the Samsung Galaxy tablets, along with a short training video on how to use the app, and a “How To Make a Mini Beer™ Video” that we produced to help train the Bartenders. This way, the Brand Ambassador received their tablet in the mail, turned on the tablet, watched the training video, and were able to show the Bartenders how to make the Mini Beer™, and then used the Licor 43 Photo App to deliver a personalized premium to all the consumers who tried a Mini Beer™ that evening.


The instant gratification of customers receiving their branded photo that same night, created quite a lot of additional posting to the consumer’s Instagram and personal Facebook accounts, and additionally created a customer database that received thousands of opted in names and email addresses of consumers who were willing to put Licor 43 into their cocktail rotation.

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